Project Idea: American Crafts Minimarks Rub-on Transfers Acrylic Photo Frame

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American Crafts Frame

When I saw this project idea in my American Crafts catalog, I knew it was one that even I could do – and that it would be quick and easy. I was right… with very little time or effort, I was rewarded with a darling picture frame for my desk!

I want to start off by telling you why I love the American Crafts line of Minimarks Rub-on Transfers:

American Crafts Minimarks Rub-on Transfers

Besides the fact that each package comes with its own transfer tool (no more searching all over creation wondering where you put it last), and the fact that their packaging is perfect for storing them in between uses (the sticky tab can be re-closed after each use), American Crafts got it right when they organized each set of rub-on images is in its own row, allowing me to cut out just the image that I want to use for my project, so I’m not accidentally applying pressure to the surrounding images and transferring them onto my surface – what a waste! I know that with other rub-on pages you can cut out your image too, but usually you’re cutting funky lines around the page trying to get to that one image that just happens to be right in the middle… and then you end up with a bunch of little pieces of rub-on images in a pile, and not organized at all for the next time you want to use one… having to dig through them all to find the image you’re looking for. With American Crafts rub-on transfers, it’s just one quick snip and you’ve got the image you want to work with.

Here’s how easy it is:

Once you have your ‘matchbook’ open, choose the image that you want. Let’s say that we want the bicycle for our project.

American Crafts Rub-on Transfers

You can see that it is in the second row down, and is the second image across. So I go over to my image strips, go to the second row, and thumb through to the second strip of that row…. and there are all the bicycles.

American Crafts Rub-ons

It’s so easy! One snip, and I’ve got the image I want to use. This method of organizing is especially helpful if you are working with an entire alphabet font set. But we’re not going to use the bicycles… I just thought they were so dang cute, I had to share them with you!

Here are the supplies you will need for our quick and easy project idea:

*Acrylic Photo Frame (you can choose the size that you want – available at most brick-and-mortar craft stores). I cleaned mine with a little spritz of Windex and a soft cloth before I started.

Acrylic Photo Frame

*American Crafts Berry Special Phrases rub-on transfers from the Craft Fair assortment

*American Crafts Cafe Accents rub-on transfers from the Craft Fair assortment

*American Crafts Hildi Font rub-on transfers from the Craft Fair assortment

*American Crafts Market Accents rub-on transfers from the Craft Fair assortment

Once my frame was clean and ready to go, I set it on the edge of my counter, preventing the attached base from being cumbersome. This allowed me to not have to contort my body into positions that it wasn’t meant to be in (a true sign of age!) and kept the face of the frame flat and easy to work on.


I then chose several of the images that I knew I wanted to incorporate into the frame and cut them out, removed the backing and lightly placed them on my frame. You’ll always want to lay out how you want to arrange your images together on your surface before you actually start transferring.

American Crafts Transfer cut

American Crafts Transfer arrangement

Once I knew where I wanted them placed, I decided I wanted to start with the biggest one, and set the rest aside. When it was exactly where I wanted it, I gently pressed on it with my finger. This helped to hold it in place until I was ready to start rubbing (another great feature about the American Crafts transfers), but it didn’t actually cause the image to transfer yet.

American Crafts press

Then I took my handy-dandy notebo-, er, transfer tool and started rubbing. You can choose whichever end of the tool you prefer – there’s a pointed end and an angled end. I tried both, and don’t really prefer one over the other – whichever way I pick it up is the winner.

American Crafts transfer tool

You don’t have to press very hard and you’ll see the color start to change as it transfers – it kind of dulls. I tried to show that in the following picture, but you can hardly see the difference… look real hard right at the center – you can sort of see the line where it changes. The right side has been transferred, but the left side hasn’t.

American Crafts transfer

Once you think you’re entire image has been transferred, gently lift the plastic up. If you start from one side and lift it slowly, you’ll be able to tell if you missed a spot, and you can lay it back down and rub it down a little bit harder. If you have to do this, you’ll want to make sure the image hasn’t shifted at all.

American Crafts lift

And it’s always so fun to see the image laying perfectly where you wanted it! TIP: Make sure you hold down an edge of the paper with your free hand while you’re rubbing. Otherwise, once it starts to transfer, it will slip out from under you and cause the image to tear – which means you’ll have to try to re-align it perfectly before transferring the rest of the image onto your surface.

American Crafts image

Then you just keep snipping and rubbing… snipping and rubbing…

American Crafts images

And before you know it, you end up with this (I put a piece of white cardstock inside the frame so you could see all the transfers a little better):

American Crafts frame

And a close up of the words (I’m not sure why they turned out so blurry in these pics – they are so much cuter in person!):

American Crafts alphabet

And then I just added my photo, attaching it at the corner with one of the American Crafts DIY Flair buttons from the Craft Fair assortment.

American Crafts Photo Frame

This project took me less than an hour from start to finish!

Until next time… happy crafting! *Ü*


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